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Cant Get Any Sound With Out Virtual DJ Being Open OSX with Ergo

I have Tested the Ergo with M-Audio Torq 2.0.2 and Traktor 2.2.1 the only way i can get any sound from either of these programs is to open virtual dj first. Im using OSX 10.6.8  2.4 intel Core Duo.


8GB  Macbook Pro.

I have tried the same trick on the PC will not work as ASIO driver system works different so No Sound on either of those programs.  Have 3 PCs in the House each with windows 7, still the same results.


So the Ergo is at Home at the Moment trying to be Mapped to Torq struggling to Map the Platters and Loop Knob (trying to get it select 1,2,3,4).  Everything else is mapped,  just not lite.

Ian Sutherland

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@Ian > Videos are being made today on using the ERGO with VDJ and other apps.

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