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Whats your Latency with your DDJ

Hello DDJ users, im very interestet of the Latency Settings on some different machines here.

My setup is an HP ProBook 4720s (model intel i5 m480 / 2x4 G of Kingston Ram) and my Music is stored on nen External esata drive.

my Audio settings are set to 44100H with a Latenzy of 256.

I got Processing 5.8 | Output 0.0 | Overall 5.8


My windows Preferences are setet to the Usefull things without any Dropouts.

got about 60 prozesses running / wifi on (but not connect on a gig :D )


soo, whats yours ?


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Unless someone else is running an identical computer (hardware-wise) with the exact same software (and identical software versions), you won't get the same results as another user. 

You want to set it as low as possible without any skips or dropouts.

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