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some sort of latency related problems...


Last week I ran into a big (I say) problem. Last week I noticed some "audio dropouts" while mixing ... both in speakers and headphones. The next step was to run the Latency Monitor software (dpclat - dpc latency checker) and noticed that my laptop isn't suitable anymore for "running real-time audio"... that's odd.

I have to mention that before I started to use the laptop with Traktor i've tested the system with the same program (dpclat) and everything was great... no "red lines" no dropouts... :(

I've reinstalled the windows (win7, x64) ... same problem. Now I'm using a 32 bit version of win7 ... same behaviour.

System: core i3, 2.26 GHz, 3 GB ram, 320 GB hdd (5400 rpm), win7 professional 32 bit. + Traktor 2 Pioneer Edition

Can anyone help with an idea, or something... on what could have gone wrong in the first place, why the system became unsuitable for handling real-time audio...

PS: the drivers i use are the same I used in the first place...

Paul R

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nevermind.... figured it out.

Don't use your laptop with baterry on (even plugged in to 220/110) ... :)

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