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DDJ-T1 Audio Device: DDJ T1 ASIO: No Sound!



I use the DDJ ASIO as the Sound Device but theres no Sound!

I can see in Traktor that the Faders are showing that the sound is playing but i just can't hear anything!

I called a pioneer tech supporter and he said something is wrong with the pc routing. i'm using an acer laptop.

If I set Pioneer DDJ T1 (Shared Mode) there is Sound but then the microphone and the aux in input doesn't work!

What am I doing wrong?

When I deactivate the Pioneer DDJ T1 in the laptops sound settings the Shared Mode doesnt work.

But I want to make the DDJ Asio work. How?


I would really appreciate if you could help me, thanks :)


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I'm assuming you're using Traktor...

First thing you need to do is within Traktor's preferences, on the Audio Setup page, select the Pioneer DDJ-T1 as the Audio Device.

Next, on the Output Routing page, set your mixing mode as Internal.  Set the output monitor to highest two outputs (or if they're labeled Headphone Out, use those).  Set the Master Output to the lowest numbered outputs (or Master Out).

On the Input Routing page, you can assign your mic/aux input to any channel (I usually select D), change the L/R inputs to MIC/AUX.

You should be good to go.

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