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DDJ-S1 powers off, disconnects after couple seconds of playing track

Hi there, browsed around the forums to see if anyone has been having this issue but I wasn't able to find anything.

To give a bit of a background, I was mixing in my apartment preparing for a gig that night and everything was going smoothly, until all of a sudden my DDJ just powered off. After flipping the power switch off and the back on again power returns, but only until I start playing a track. Then after a couple seconds it shuts off again. Otherwise, the unit stays on if I'm not doing anything with it.

I tried installing Itch on my roommate's Macbook Pro and have the same issue. I tested someone else's DDJ and mine on one computer, and the other DDJ worked fine. This makes me concerned that something happened to the actual controller.

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Kris Mobayeni

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