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DDJ S1 Master Unity Gain

DJ Pulse closed my last post because he could not be bothered to find the answer

It took him a year to get NO answer

Unity gain should really be easy to explain if you just asked someone with technical know how

DJ pulse would like to pretend that he closed the post because I told him he sucks at his job

He closed the post IMO because somebody with more knowledge pulled him up on his very questionable answer




Andy Sweet

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Your answer from the engineers...

Unity gain is at 2-o’clock position of the Master Volume knob on DDJ-S1 when using MASTER OUT 2.
Just as you guessed in the thread, it is at the start of the white line on the master knob.
The output signal level using this is equivalent to the level of RCA output terminal of general USB soundcard devices.

Oh, and this isn't my job.

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