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im having a huge problem ddj ergo pleasee help

ok ill run through my exact set up and if you can help me that would be awsome, it just seems i cant get around this tho.


i bought my ddj ergo brand new today, plugged it into the laptop (hp pavillion) on windows. i installed vdj no problems, i have just got for the time being logitec speakers plugged into the aux port on my laptop so the sound comes all through that with the controller, problem is that the headphones refuse to work at the same time as the speakers its driving me crazy, its either one or the other ive done everything it says on the videos with configuration and stuff, im stuck i need help to fix this asap, can i not run my speakers through the laptop because i also have tried running the red and white cord from the logitec speakers into the back of the controller, still nothing. what is going on?!?!?

ehh thanks for your help.

hayden tanti

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