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Pioneer DDJ SX upgrade

First and foremost, thank you for making excellent products. Seriously. Now So i've been patiently waiting for the rumors of an upgrade for the Pioneer DDJ SX. It is an excellent unit. But, after blog mining and reading up on people's wishes and anticipations I see that many feel the same way that I do. Mainly, 2 anticipations arise. Drum roll, Will the next Pioneer controller have USB ports and LED screens like the ones found on the CDJ's I mean the Numark MixDeck has them (and CD capabilities). Wait wait wait, I am in no way comparing the 2 because the Pioneer DDJ SX clearly blows the Numark out of the water. But imagining USB ports and LED screens on the Pioneer DDJ SX is something i can't help but dream about. Ive had this conversation with many who own the DDJ SX and  know I'm not alone. Someone please tell my dreams come true...


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Search ''XDJ-R1'' in Google Picture then your dreams will come true.

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