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[SOLVED] Pioneer DDJ-WeGo firmware update problems

Hi, since I bought a Wego, the same problem happens to me everytime a new firmware update comes out and I try update it. So the problem is everytime when I update the wego's firmware for first try it always stops at a certain precent of the update, and it stays there, so I must force close the updater, and for second time it always works fine.... don't know why is this happening it happens always for first time downgrading or updating the firmware on my wego it never works, but for every second try it updates fine, what could cause this? and by the way I downgraded my firmware from 1.09 back to 1.08 cause with the latest firmware update the left sync button is always glowing red if I just press it. Is there some kind of problem with then new firmware 1.09?


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@Bala > Its more likely that downgrading the firmware caused the issue, when you moved from 1.09 to 1.08. 

You should contact Pioneer technical support - the links are on the right >>

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