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[SOLVED] DDJ-T1 Turns off by itself.

So, I was playing at a gig, and after three hours of mixing, my DDJ-T1 controller turns off for no reason. After switching outlets twice, it worked fine for another hour.  I tried using it again at home after couple and after a good hour it shuts off again. Anyone had problems with it before?

One issue I made, I lost my AC adapter and used a universal one with different voltage and that burned one of my circuits (not sure which one), my buddy fixed it for me and it worked fine till that night.  (my guess it has something to do w it?) Even though I got the actual AC Adapter for the controller when it shut down.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mike T

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@Mike > Sorry, a little confused - are you saying that with or without the AC adapter that came with the controller it turns itself off anyway?

Its possible you could have done some damage using the "universal" adapter which is triggering the original AC adapter to have similar effects on the unit. Contact tech support using the links on the right to arrange repair / inspection >>

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