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Ergo K & Traktor mapping

I've just bought a new Pioneer Ergo K for use with Traktor. I want to map it myself ,the way it fits me but I'm facing 2 probs so far:

1) Knobs: When I try to map Hi adjust to deck A ,I hit "learn" and turn the Hi knob on Ergo. The controller manager seems to read 1CC (CC39) and if I hit some certain spots while turning the knob it reads 2 CCs (CC7 & CC39) BUT I SAY AGAIN ONLY IN SOME CERTAIN SPOTS. The owners manual says that the knob send both CCs. If I set manually the CC to 39 only ,the knob behaves crazy!! If I set it to CC7 only ,the knob behaves flawlesly like it should. But it runs good also ,when I hit learn and hit that spot where it reads both CCs...
So... Which one is the right CC?? do I need to set it to BOTH ,or it would miss some data with one CC only (which is strange also why only one of two works if one at the time is selected....)? I'm confused a bit. This is happening with every knob on DDJ Ergo and I think I had the same problem with Vestax VCI-400.

2)Deck Select: when I press deck D to change to it nothing happens!!! Deck A stays lit and it still sends the same CCs and notes with deck A !! Is this normal? In the manual it says that Deck A,B,C,D are Channel 1,2,3,4. But it don't seems to change decks at all. Am I missing something?

3)VINYL/PULSE MODE Button. In the manual it says that this button sends NO MIDI data! ,it just changes the function of the platter and the leds. But when I try to map it it gives me CH3 & CH4 Note A0 (each button). Any other that has the same problem?

Other than that Ergo seems a super controller! I hope someone can help me with this so I can finally get to rock my new baby :)


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