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[SOLVED] Mapping DDJ Ergo Limited does not correspond

Guys, help me please

My controller DDJ Ergo Limited does not work with Traktor Pro 2 - Version 2.6.6.

The effects, samplers, FX are not mapped after the last update of Traktor Pro2

On Deck A / C options appear Flanger, Reverb and / or Phaser or another, already on Deck B / D, appears only Flanger. When pressing any of the effects on both decks, none of them works as it should, and I can not apply effects on the tracks, even though they are activated in the controller.

I have installed the plugin and ASIO4ALL plugin asio accompanying parent. A controller with this updated firmware V1.20 and yet I can not use many controls.

It's a shame because the product looks good. But it does not work completely, does not serve much.

Cristiano Taddei Moreira

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This sounds like an issue with your mappings rather than an actual hardware problem; please verify that NI hadn't changed the mapping configuration in your Traktror settings.

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