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[SOLVED] DDJ SZ & Traktor

Will Pioneer make a controller like the SZ for use with Traktor Pro 2?

There are loads of Pioneer controllers made for Serato - too many in fact.

Surely can't be that much of a deal to make the SZ compatible for other software platforms?

Would love to rekordbox integration too.


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As I'm sure you know, Pioneer does not make advanced announcements about products that may or may not be in development. As it currently stands, it appears Native Instruments are controlling their own hardware development.

I disagree there are too many Serato controllers - there are 4, one to suit every budget and level of DJ.

Its not a simple case of picking a software to build a product around - the software developer has to license the manufacturer to make that product. So if Native say no dice then Pioneer can't do anything about that.

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