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Wego2 Software Issues

Just bought a Wego2 and downloaded VirtualDJ from the CD. Its seems a little bit glitchy in the sound from time to time. The CPU only have 2 green dots on it so its not using much up. I have 200+GB spare on my Macbook Pro so it shouldnt be running slow. The music is from my external HDD which is usb 3.0.

I also downloaded DJay last night and it was working great for a bit until for some reason the pitch on 1 deck wasnt working and the jog wheel could not be sped up or slowed down on the side of it (for tweaking the mix tighter). I closed the program down and then opening it again. It worked fine for about 30 seconds then did it again.

I noticed that the sync button is not great for Drum & Bass but that does not bother me too much as I dont like using it but the pitch around the 0 position isnt very good. Its had to keep a tune in beat around this position.

Any ideas on what could be causing these problems? Is it the MAC / the software / the controller


How do I know if the software needs an update? I guess with DJay the app store will tell me but for Virtual DJ how will I know as the CD has specific software for the wego2.

Thanks for any help you can offer



Matt C

Matt Cooper

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