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[CLOSED] Winamp with WeGO

I was just wondering if somehow i could configure the wego to work with winamp. Since my laptop is WAY to slow to even run Virtual DJ is there any possible way to get winamp to work with my WeGO.


This is what i had in mind,. 


I would plug a 1/4 inch male to a 2 RCA Female Y Adapter Plug into the mic input then i would have a RCA to 3.5mm and the 3.5 mm would go into my computer (headphone jack) that way i would get sound from winamp. 


Then the problem would be would i actually be able to use the wego for headphone cueing, changing tracks, basicaly how i would use in in VDJ. 


Need help asap!


BackFire DJ

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No - don't use the mic input for a line level signal, it will be distorted and sound awful.

Never mind the fact you'd not really be able to cue anything as WinAmp can't support 2 soundcards.

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