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[OPEN] No sound through XLR outputs

Hi there,

I have been trying for the past two days to get sound coming out of the xlr outputs. I have been to many different threads and nothing has seamed to help. I have the power cable for the DDJ-S1 plugged into the power. I have the Usb cable into my computer and the XLR cables into Master Out 1. I have updated my firmware to 1.10 for Serato Dj. I have changed the sound output on Serato Dj to Mono and still no sound. Please help ASAP

Saul Fine

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@Saul > If you have signal showing on the channel and master meters, then you should have output on the RCAs. The XLR output requires that you have the DC power cable; USB only won't provide enough power. You can verify that the DC power is working by disconnecting the USB cable and checking that the lights are still on.

Check the RCA outputs first, then if they are working, try another XLR cable in the L output and see if that works.

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