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[CLOSED] DDJ SX controller buttons stop responding

I've seen several posts about this issue from other DJs but no solutions.  I've only owned my controller for a little over a month and it's happened several times.  Examples of two of the times this happened:

Also been running into the same problem and I've only owned my DDJ SX controller for a little over a month!  Very frustrating.  

Two examples of when this happened to me during a gig:

  1. Imported a song from desktop into Serato DJ deck .  It started playing and kept playing but at some point the controller shut down.  None of the buttons/pads would respond.  Serato DJ itself was working fine.  Had to restart the controller and then the buttons worked again.  

  2.  Was playing something in Serato DJ on loop.  Plugged a microphone into a different channel (channel 4).  The FX 2 button on channel 4 started blinking and then the controller buttons/pads stopped responding.  Also had to restart controller.

I'm running the latest Serato DJ software and also updated Firmware for controller.  Macbook Pro with 16gb RAM,  2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, Mac OS Lion 10.7.5

This is very frustrating and I'm sure many other DJs have run into this.  Anyone have a solution?

Fred Tian

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I've been running the SX since before it came out and I've only had it crash once (software kept playing audio) and hiccup twice, where nothing would respond but then it would resume after a few seconds. I believe most of those problems occurred on 1.4.x, nothing like that has happened since I've upgraded from 1.5.1 > 1.6.0.

If it doesn't happen again, chock it up to fluke. If you can repeat it, report back and let us know the exact steps so the engineers can try and replicate it and create a solution.

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