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no laptop audio thru my ddj sz

i.e. system sounds, win amp, soundcloud, any application related audio will not pass thru my SZ. serato dj works just fine btw, but when i go to play say a file on soundcloud so i can walk away from the stage for a while it is silent. if you look at the lineout (usb ddjsz) in the corner it shows the levels bumping like its sending the signal to the SZ but no audio. ive cranked the booth and master to no avail.

i used to own a novation twitch and while serato dj was open all other audio from the laptop simply passed thru the master or the booth out... why the SZ can not do the same thing is wierd. maybe weird clashing of software...

heres my specs

Asus g750 jh, Pioneer ddjsz firmware1.12, latest version of serato dj, booth out: qsc k10

not a huge problem but id like to able to use my $2000 SZ as the external soundcard it should be. its a pain to not be able to preview my tracks before i load them into serato...





Andrew Stauffer

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