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Learning CDJ transferable skills on DDJ-SX

Hey Guys, hope you are well. Glad to be a part of the board, I look forward to becoming a part of the community.

I have been producing House music for over a decade but have recently decided to take things to the next level and get out there. I received my Pioneer DDJ-SX a couple of days ago and I'm very happy with it.

Since I have a lot of experience in producing music, the theory behind mixing has come naturally and I am quite comfortable using the DDJ-SX. However, when it comes to playing in a club environment, it's likely I will be stuck with their own set up, probably two CDJ's and a mixer. The DDJ-SX comes with a lot of help, most notably the sync feature which locks all the tracks to the same tempo and aligns the beats, which is cool, but I want to be able to develop skills that

will be transferable to CDJ's.

So I guess my two big questions are, what are the key differences between the DDJ-SX controller and say a CDJ-2000? and what can I do to set up and use my SX in a way that the skills will be transferable to CDJ's?

I don't want to learn on the DDJ-SX, using all its wonderful helper features, to then be stuck behind two CDJ's and find I don't know what I'm doing.

Thank you for taking the time and hope you can help.


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