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DDJ-SX2 pitch range - no 6% and wide pitch?

Lately I bought the DDJ-SX2 and I'm wondering about the settings for the pitch-range.

It's 8%, 16% and 50% - and no "wide" (100%) ptich. There is no way in Serato to set other Settings to have the common CDJ pitch-range setting in 6%, 10%, 16% and 100% (wide). There is also no description about the additional Ptich'N'Time Plugin for Serato DJ what it exaclty does, does this unlock the feature?

Further i saw no informations about the pitch-ranges before I bought the unit - nowhere. Neither on the product site in the internet, nor at any description at serato.com. Also not at the quick start manual which was delivered with the unit. I just found, and i thought it was luck, a extended manual at pioneer.com, where it is explained. Why is this for DJs so important information so hidden?

So when I plug my CDJ-900 additionally to the DDJ-SX2 to my Computer as a control unit, I can set and use the common pitch-ranges 6%, 10%, 16% and 100%. That makes absolutely no sense for me.

Is there a issue licensing a 100% pitch with Serato or do you want to keep this feature exclusive to the CDJ series, which i think both is absolutely ridiculous. 

So the Software Serato-DJ can clearly do this (but sounds very crappy with the standard keylock feature), why is there a limitation of the pitch-range and pitch-range settings with the DDJ-SX2?!

Best regards,



Jan Schmidt

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