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Some Multi-coloured pads not lighting up with existing hot cues and samples on DDJSX2

I just got my DDJ SX 2 last week and used it on Saturday Sept 27th, 2014 for a wedding reception gig.  I noticed that my existing hot cues and samples aren't lighting up some of the pads.  The pad still triggers the cue point but it's not lit up.  I have to delete it, then reapply that hot cue then the pad lights up.  I've attached a couple of photos.  The first photo, you can see the first hot cue set up (red in Serato DJ) but the pad is not lit up.  The second photo, I deleted the cue, then reapplied it , then now the pad is lit up.  As for my samples, I have 2 banks of them, 6 in each, and not all pads are lit up as well.

I'm running latest Mavericks, Serato DJ versions.

I'm hoping this is a software glitch as oppose to a hardware glitch.  I'll be reaching out to Serato DJ too and inform them of this issue.


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