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No microphone input channel on DDJ-SB and Traktor Pro


I got a problem with my microphone input. Just wanted to connect my microphone with my DDJ-SB and Traktor, but I can't route the mic input to a Traktor deck because there simply is no microphone input to choose. ("not connected")

This is a similar topic: http://forums.pioneerdj.com/entries/72598028-DDJ-SB-MIC-INPUT-problems-with-traktor-or-others-

which couldn't solve my issue.


Sincerely Patrick


Patrick Rathje Répondu

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The Mic input is just a audio through, although the device input is listed on Mac / PC as a device, it doesn't actually function as a device unfortunately. Had the same problem myself , maybe they changed this with the DDJ-SB 2, I don't know.

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Thank you for your answer, did not know it was audio through. So I suppose, I did not use a proper microphone.

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