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[SOLVED] Midi ins and outs for deck A/B changing when switching deck C/D to remix deck

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if the following is by design or a bug and if it's by design. what is the purpose?

I create a mapping for my Pioneer DDJ Ergo K

I start out with 4 normal track decks.

In this mapping I make the 4 sample buttons behave as hotcue 5~8

Now when I switch Deck D to Remix Deck, the mappings I made for Deck B does no longer function.

I check out why and notice that the buttons on Deck B give out a different midi code now ....

So changing Deck type of Deck D interferes with Deck B

Is this Traktor related?

Is this controller related? (I only have this controller)

There's no remix related mappings in the mapping, Remix deck on deck D get controlled by a F1

It's alot more work this way to get a good mapping.

I have to do everything for the decks double (assuming the upper or lower deck could be made a remix deck)

Some things just don't work either.

I can't manage to get a output on the sample leds for hotcue output on Deck B when Deck D is remix Deck

Any help is very much apreciated.




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This is normal behaviour - if you want the MIDI mappings for those buttons to work the same in both layers of the controller, simply re-assign them to be working for the same program behaviour with the deck D signals.

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