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[SOLVED] DDJ-SZ Browse encoder skipping - is there an easy fix?

The browser encoder on the left deck of my DDJ has just started skipping. Basically when trying to scroll up and down a list of tracks (Serato OR Traktor) turning the encoder sometimes works, sometimes doesn't work at all and occasionally even moves in the opposite direction to the one it should. The problem is definitely with the hardware as it fails on two different laptops via two different USB ports running Traktor and Serato on each laptop.

Is this something I could maybe fix without returning it under warranty? I was thinking it might be dirt in the encoder somewhere but I'm not sure if it's switched or optical without taking things to bits. I'm pretty experienced with electronics hardware but don't want to void the warranty on the unit.


Mike Butler

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@Mike > Best not to void the warranty by opening it. I would first suggest you try using a MIDI monitoring application to diagnose if it is indeed "skipping" information. Try MIDI Monitor (OS X) or MIDI-OX (Windows) and see if the encoder reports an abnormal value return when rotating it (eg. inverted numbers from what's expected). If it does, in fact, show a problem, you'll have to send it to Pioneer or take it to an authorized service shop for repair -- you can find the Pioneer technical support contacts to the right. --->

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