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DDJ-SX FX 2 button blinking and won't recoginze to computer Help!?

So tonight I had a gig and all a sudden my DDJ-SX froze and was disconnected from my laptop, my serato, mix emergency or nothing was frozen or crashed.  The controller was the only thing that was frozen and all music was stopped.  I have tried reconnecting several different ways, tried downloading the firmware, tried restarting the computer many different ways, tried resetting the controller itself and nothing seems to work.  When the USB is plugged into the computer the FX 2 button on channel 4 blinks, but when the USB cord is not connected into the computer it doesn't blink.  I need help on this issue ASAP considering I have a gig tomorrow night :(

Jeremy Kohr Répondu

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Did you ever get this issue resolved because I'm having the same issue with my DDJ-RX

Justin Booth 0 votes
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