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Linking 2 CDJ 900's through 1 CDJ 2000's SD card?

Hey guys,

I know you can sync the music from an SD card between two CDJ 2000's but I was wondering if I can sync (through LINK) the music on my SD card from my CDJ 2000 to two additional CDJ 900's?  I know they're different players but as far as specs go, look similar in a lot of ways.

My main concern is that the 900's don't take SD cards (I know they can use USB stick), but I'm looking to link the music from my SD card in my CDJ 2000 to a set of 2 900's so all three tables can read off the same SD card.

Is this possible?  The reason I ask is because I can get a real good deal on a pair of 900's right now and finances are tight.. would like to do whatever I can to have a professional grade setup while still being able to pay rent =).

Any and all of your help would be extremely appreciated!


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Absolutely -- because the 2000 acts as the host, you simply select LINK on the 900's and they will show the 2000's SD card as an option.

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