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My CDJ 2000 will play pressed CDs but not burnt cds

I have been using my cdj2000 for over a year now and this morning decided to not recognize or play the burnt CDs. I can sometimes get the first track to play but only sometimes. Otherwise they do not play and get both E-8305 and E-8303 error messages. On my other deck it plays them fine.
I have upgraded the firmware to 4.05 and still getting the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated as have a big gig NYE and need to fix this problem hopefully

Jason Stone

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If you have a CDJ-2000 and are using CDs then you're using them wrong.   ;)

Just kidding....   That sounds like a weird problem.  Have you tried burning a new CD to test if maybe there is a problem with the older dics?  I have heard of burned CDs having priblems over time.

What kind of CD-R dics are you using?  One rule which I heard many times before was that if the  CD is the Green kind its good, Blue are bad.  I am not sure if that's really true or not, though.

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Typical problems with burned CDs:

  • the quality of the blank

  • the quality of the burner used to make the blank

  • the speed the disc was recorded at

  • the software used to create the disc

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