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Controlling Traktor FX's thru CDJ's or DJM 800.


I am a total newbie to CDJ 2000's and DJM 800's and Traktor Pro 2. 

I should say I learned most out of this forum. But now, I have this one question. 

How do I connect either of my equipment (CDJ 2000's or DJM 800) to Traktor Pro 2,

so that I can control the Traktor FX's without touching the mouse?


I'm Equipped with:

2 CDJ 2000's

1 DJM 800

Macbook Pro running Traktor Pro 2 on OSX Lion. 

Any type of detailed help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

DJ Rhoni.



Dee J Rhoni

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Please.. Somebody out there should have the solution! 

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@Dee J Rhoni > My personal advice would be to scrap trying to use the Traktor Effects when you have an amazingly capable DJM-800 right there at your fingertips! :)

The DJM-800 has superior effect quality to the built in Traktor effects, not to mention great layer effects by using the Beat Effects along with the Sound Color FX on the DJM-800!

The Sound Color FX can be assigned to each channel individually and contain a High pass and Low pass knob to have complete control over the effect. In my opinion, once you start using the DJM-800 effects enough and get use to them, you might not want to bother with the built in Traktor effects. ;)

Anyways, if you still decide you want to give them a try, you will need to Map the effects to your CDJ-2000's individually so they can be controlled from your players. I can give you some tips on Mapping it, but it will however begin to take away from other features you have on your CDJ-2000's and Traktor as there are not many unused controls left to Map.

My advice would be to start using your DJM-800 as it has superior quality and I think you will enjoy it the most. Don't forget to check out YouTube and watch some videos on how others use the DJM-800 Beat Effects and Sound Color FX to get some cool ideas too. :)

I hope this helps a bit. :) 

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