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humming noise from speakers with CDJ900


I have just upgraded my CDJ1000 mk2s to cdj900s and have noticed that a humming noise coming from the speakers. I have swapped back over to the cdj1000's and although there is a very feint noise it isn't enough to annoy unlike when the 900's are plugged in.

I have checked for loose connections and all appears fine, I have also checked on headphones and noise is only from the speakers. When I first switch my amp on there is no noise, I hear a feint noise when I turn my DJM900 mixer on and the CDJ's but when I slide the  channel faders up the noise becomes really annoying!!

Anyone know where the problem lies?

Thanks Simon

Simon Williams

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@Simon > Are you located in a country where you have a non-polarized plug?  Can you switch the plug's poles within the outlet?

Do you have any other grounded equipment besides the DJM, or perhaps a computer, connected to the same electrical circuit?

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