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Aero Questions /thoughts

Pioneer released this bad boy just in the nick of time.... I'm selling out my 2000 collection and was about to bounce to a Traktor controller but could not be more happy with this new product.  I traded out the 2000s for this and an RMX-1000 and it feels like Xmas.

Just 2 questions:

I read *somewhere* that is can store 10mins of audio per deck.  Is this correct? Whatever the player can take it just doesn't feel like it loads it over at full speed, or is short on overall memory space.  Being as it is so close to being able to take a whole song and keep it in case a connection break, I wonder why Pioneer stopped short with this.

I.e. It just transfers the track at full wireless speed into the Aero memory, job done.

I'm going to get a bullet for this, but what about FLAC?? I can't help feel this would have FLAC support, which would be a no brainier, if it was not for the CDJ2000 / 900 inability to take FLAC.  Can the unit in theory take it? Is Rekordbox going to ever support FLAC for new products?

As an addition, I would have happily paid more for a much better display, one that can give a live wave breakdown.  That is the only thing I REALLY miss from the 2000.

Other then that, fantastic product, keep it up :)


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congratz on your new toys;)

your feedback (as former player of the 2k team ;) greatly interests me (and maybe some more users around here)

although i still havent bought a unit (i am currently in brazil wich sucks to buy any tech related gear), as soon as i get back to europe or go thru any decent buying place i should get the same setup as you (xdj + rmx) 

like yourself i know i will miss having a waveform display (i come from serato itch though, thats where i got used to having it) and would happily pay more for such a feature, however that is not a deal breaker at all for me as it would be a cool change of habits until future xdj products get released

what intrigues me more is the lack of cue points recall, setting cue points manually (every time i load a track) is something i would really prefer not having to do ever again (not to mention how silly it sounds with rekorbox prepared tracks), how are you dealing with this ?

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Hi ya,

I never saved any cue points even when I could! Part of the DJ process I enjoy. Tbh I don't know anything about the Aero cue point storing ability, have not read the manual yet ;)

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