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Question about the xdj aero

This might sound like a dumb question but I need to ask it. Now that the cdj 2000 nexus is coming out soon,will the xdj aero be put to the side. Meaning that more focus is going to be on the cdj 2000 nexus,will the xdj aero be forgotten when is come to firmware,adding hot cue,waveform and etc. again I know it maybe a dumb question but am thinking about buying this unit,but don't want to be disappoint if they not going to do much when it comes to certain things. Am having mix feeling with everything ,to much new gear it's making me nuts here

Steven V

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The XDJ hasn't even come out where I live, so I wouldn't worry about that just yet. Both are brand new products, and it seems that many of the features introduced in the new CDJs are in part found in the XDJ, so they were likely developed together. That being said, they are aimed at two entirely different markets - the CDJs being for professional level DJs, so obviously the CDJs will receive more advanced support than the XDJ. But really, XDJ is BRAND new

David Chetrit 0 votes
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