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Rekordbox & My Iphone 4

My Iphone 4 does not have the biggest of memory, so after I had added too much music to it yesterday, I decided to delete it all and just use the USB flash drive for my Pioneer XDJ-Aero. So now my phone has no music on it at all. I then decided to open up the Rekordbox app. I went into the history that I had played, and I pressed onto a track I had used and funny enough it started to play in Rekordbox. How is it possible for tracks no longer on my Iphone to play through Rekorbox on my phone? Rekordbox knows all my tracks I had on my phone, and they can all play as normal. I like it :). One thing that bugs me on the XDJ-Aero is no wave file for the tracks being played, I can't see the breaks in new tracks I have just bought, and played for the first time. I was beat mixing on the weekend and I over ran a few tracks, as I did not know they had stopped when I was mixing. Can I get round this anyway? I don't have a pc near to my XDJ-Aero

Mark Mk

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