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XDJ aero

can I use the RMX 1000 on each chanel with Aero

or is just on the main audio output?

Andy Ulloa

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First of all, as you, I was dissapointed that there was no SEND/RETURN FX on the device. So you will need to sacrifice something if you want an external effector.

Cool Today in my setup, I switch between deck 2, and my Tonium Pacemaker as an ADDITIONAL sound source. The sound of this additional sound source passes through the RMX-1000 first and only then it goes to the LINE IN of DECK 2. So I can switch between deck 2 or the other source for mixing.

Cool In a club/party setup you could complement your onboard FX with those of the RMX-1000, by passing your MASTER OUT of the XDJ-AERO through the RMX-1000 and connecting it to the AMPLI/SOUND SYSTEM. And duplicate the sound source (not passing through RMX-1000), use the second MASTER OUT as an additional channel to another AMPLI/MIX pannel. (And playing one - or both smile )

Cool The freaky setup would be passing the MASTER OUT through the RMX-1000, and again as a sound source (other deck LINE IN - MIC), as amplified sound, great for remastering samples Embarassed

Hope this helps you out a bit !!!

Kind regards,


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haha what a long reply to a simple question :P in short no the Aero doesnt have Send/Return. You will have to plug the master out of the Aero into the RMX and from the RMX to the sound system

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