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[CLOSED] XDJ Aero Master Out Sound Quality

I have just played 3 festivals back to back and used the Aero along with lending it to other DJs to play on for the festival.

It was connected via RCA to a spare channel on the Pioneer mixer CD Channel and then balanced the gains to make the same output volume as the CDJ playing.  When using the Aero though there was a noticeable drop in sound quality compared to playing with CDJs.  It was like the mids were somehow thinner and that the volume was less even though the gain level was the same.  The last festival I played I tried to test it a bit more mixing between a CDJ 900 and the Aero across the mixer and back to the CDJ 900 and back to the Aero, 1 song 1 song, and all my friends agreed the sound was slightly better when the CDJ was playing.

Is this possible?

All songs Lossless, Aero using Rekordbox wireless to macbook


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Are you sure the tracks being played were lossless - it was my understanding the Aero might have issues with wireless lossless tracks - also no chance of the eq on the aero not being in flat position ? I would try it again with USB connection into something like Traktor

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