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XDJ Aero BPM tap

Hi guys,

I would really love to see a feature of BPM tap on the XDJ Aero, it would be very usefull !

I'm a DJ specialized in Cuban music, and I play cuban salsa songs, the kind of songs starting with a BPM of 90 and ending with 105...

Rekordbox algorithm is not able to handle this correctly, this is a complete mess to do it by trying to stick the BPM grid to the song, even in dynamic calculation, and manually it costs me an endless time to shift every bar, and I have more than 1000 songs...

I assume this is the same mess for some accapellas...

Anyway, what I was doing with my DJM-400, to put some effects sometimes, was to tap the BPM with my fingers, human ear are always better than machine for this kind of situations. This is now impossible with my XDJ Aero :(

It would be a priceless feature for me to add.

Suggestion: why not using the shift button to tap manually the BPM?

I would love to see this in a new firmware update.


Thank you



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