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[CLOSED] xdj feedback for pioneer

just wanted to share my shopping experience with pioneer hoping that it will contribute to the betterment of the xdj product line.

i was curious to know if there was a controller that used USB/rekordbox that mimmicked my set up (cdj2000nxs & djm900nxs) so that i could build sets and play small house parties without using my full CDJ setup.  this would be helpful for taking the controller on the road/hotel rooms when i don't always have access to my full CDJ setup.

i was ecstatic when i came across the xdj product line, but i decided not to buy the r1 or the aero because of the features they lack.  it covers most areas of functionality, and the product is quite amazing for what it already has, but there are a few things it lacks that kept me from purchasing.

1) there's no way to set memory cues, see them directly on the controller, and scroll forward and backward between the cue points.  for me, this is crucial for building & performing sets, and i'm very surprised this functionality is not available.  i know you can set a track to auto load at ur first memory cue (only if set in the software) -- but to me that is not good enough.  scrolling waveforms would be amazing, but i know there are size limitations --- a simple wave form with arrows showing where the cues are would be enough for me to want to buy this product (like the cdj 900).

2) the controllers are large in size -- 12 cm wider than NI/traktor's s4.  this is surprising since the s4 contains 4 decks, and the xdj line only has 2 decks.  i don't want to carry a suitcase on my back when lugging this thing around -- one of the biggest selling points of buying a controller would be for mobility -- im talking backpack size.... not XXXL backpack size. this product should be about the size of the traktor s2 to be practical in my opinion.  i know there are engineering restrictions, but hey.... you're a world leading company in technology and DJ systems... make it work :)


overall the xdj line has mostly everything i would want -- but these 2 crucial points are stopping me from throwing down $800.  the closer you can get to the experience of CDJ's, the better - at an appropriate size.  are there any plans to take this product line further?  when can we expect newer models?

i love your products & i think they are some of the best in the world.  just wanted to share my 2 cents to the pioneer engineers... in case anyone is listening!


Justin Charles

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XDJ AERO got a short time ago the idea of ​​having support on laptop with traktor not filled my eyes, I'm not sorry, however I'm not completely satisfied, I think the update time for these functions should be now much heat up sales this product line. again samplers 4 seconds, hot cues and loops would make everyone happy.

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