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[SOLVED] XDJ-R1 firmware/software update proposals

Hi I have some proposals for future updates - but don't know if this is possible:


  1. Is it possible to add buffer (USB Mode) for currently played song. We would be able to change to another pen drive / HDD?

  2. Are there any plans to update remotebox and add Waveforms?

  3. Did you consider to make android version of remotebox for some of popular android devices? (I mean Samsung / google nexus / LG G series) I know that developing of software for all android devices is very difficult, but you can start with Android 4.1 or higher ?

  4. Is it possible to Add color efects to mic section?


Radosław Radziu

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1) Evidently this will be a limitation on the RAM in the unit - I don't know what size it is but I'm guessing if this isn't already implemented then its not possible - I will certainly suggest it.

2) remotebox is in constantly development - waveforms have been requested with some time so hopefully we will see it soon.

3) Android support has been requested with some time however I don't believe there are any current plans to support it. Hopefully, in the advent of 4.1, we might see the introduction of Android support.

4) I'll ask!

Thanks for your suggestions!

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