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[SOLVED] XDJ-R1 - Bugs and improvements


Is it possible to know if the following bugs and improvements could be fix or add one day on the XDJ-R1 ?

If it is not possible, Is it possible to know the technical reason ?

If it is possible, does a specific firmware version is planned ? I saw that new versions was available approximatively each 2 months, to know the version version could give an idea of the release date.

Bugs :

  • Folders and/or subfolders before and after a playlist created with Rekordbox are not displayed.

  • Even if it is supposed to be fixed since the firmware 1.06, my XDJ-R1,  with the firmware 1.09, goes to standby mode when I use the AUX input.

  • I don't know if it is wanted but the echo effect is not stopped when we push the echo button. It just stop when you set the level at 0, but if you increase the level, the echo will come back.

I don't remember well but I guess that it was not the case with the firmware 1.07. In a demonstration video, we can heard that the echo was stopped when the echo button has been pushed.

Improvements :

  • Is it possible to get the jog light blinking (like the CDJ2000) when the track arrived at the end ?

  • The key category is not displayed. I saw that it is due to the hardware but I don't understand why it could not be possible to add this. Is it possible to get a more technical answer ?

Thank you !

HiFuGa1 .

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Thanks for your suggestions - Pioneer are constantly working to iron out any bugs present in the hardware and software. I'll pass along your suggestions to the team.

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