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[OPEN] Reupdating XDJ R1 1.09 FW


I have updated the FW on my r1 with but I'm getting some problem's I phone some support they said just try and update it again ..


When i try and do this it just goes complete with in 5 seconds ??


How do I do this ? 

David Rowland

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Dear Pioneer,


I have tried to write to this forum 2 times, but after I sent my problem the system answered my message will check firstly.. then .. there is no any respones at all.. (my e-mail is: denes@salsadiabolica.hu)


I have a several problem  witm my XDJ-R1, I have bought it in august (in Hungary), I have updated all the times when a new firmware was relased..

My symphtom is: In most cases we use CD, after starting a party, (after a time: somtimes 1 hour, sometimes 2.. but until now all the nights!!) the XDJ starting to "jumping" in the music, when I put a new CD and would like to set the cue point.. If I try more then 3 times to set with that CD, system will crashed, (it means, the other side, where the other CD is playing is freezing..)

If I reject immediately, the other side will play normally.. but in this case I have to find another way to play music, (like iPod or any Phone or MP3 player) because until a completely restart never paly again any CD normally.... after a restart the system can play CD again normally.. (can play that CD what I tried before the restart). but it is working again... only for a time.. for 1 hour... (sometimes only 30 min) and the symphtom appear again...

I recognized, I can change (raise) the time between 2 crashing if I switch off the autocue... but, even I do this, the "juming in the music" effect will appear sooner or later (in 1 night..).. Sometimes culd help, if I switched to USB source then back to CD..  but sometimes not..

On the other hand,.. I can do this "Correcting triying" only while the music is going in the other side... wehen the music is ended... I have no time to try..

What do you think, Can help a firmware reload?.. (Curr version is: 1.09)

Or Do I think well this can it be a kind of puffer problem?.. because all the times, the XDJ starting work correctly, and always after a time start to crash..

Thank you,



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