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XDJ-R1 full MIDI addresses


I have downloaded a midi mapping for xdj-R1 and traktor pro 2 from traktor bible website.

Most of  the functions are working fine, and I figured out how to customize the functions, by adding new mappings using the learn function on traktor's midi controller manager.

But, the PRE FADER VU levels of both decks of the mixer are working as the were POS FADER VU levels.

Meaning that if the deck fader is at level 0 with music playing on the same deck, the vu level does not lit up.

If i slide this channel fader up, the vu level lights up.

Basically it is functioning in the same way as the MASTER VU level, making it impossible to adjust the volume level of both decks, before opening the channel.


Since is impossible to add a mapping to this function using the learn function of traktor's controller manager because of the need to send the command to traktor by pressing a button or some other stuff in order to traktor receive the midi address of that particular function, I need the midi addresses for each deck's PRE FADER VU LEVEL.

Is there a manual or some other literature containing the midi addresses of XDJ-R1 ?

If not, anyone knows the address for this ?


Thanx in advance !





Leo Bruno

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ciao leo! ho la soluzione ai tuoi problemi, ho modificato la mappa del russo per avere i pre fader level e funzionano perfettamente.. contattami in privato e ti mando il tsi modificato! la mia mail è mazyngaz7 chiocciola hotmail punto com 

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I have problem how to setting jog dial sensitiveness when I'm playing with tractor pro 2?

insensitiveness  make me crazy!!!!!!


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