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Using an IPAD to load tracks on an XDJ Aero

I have recently purchased an XDJ Aero and I have one question which I can't find an answer anywhere.

I am using the latest XDJ Aero firmware, Rekordbox software on my MacBook and the latest version of the Rekordbox app.

I have converted my tracks and playlists in Rekordbox and exported these to a USB stick. When I am Djing I connect my iPad and use this to select tracks on the USB stick. 

Q.) When I am on the iPad looking at the track list in a playlist how can I sort this e.g. Alphabetically by Track or Artist, or more usefully by Musically Key. Or if it is playlist showing the tracks I played last time, how do I put them in the order I played them on.

Other than the obvious cue point and wave point improvements I am really happy with my Aero, but after coming from Traktor I am used to sorting my music by Key and BPM.

I hope someone can help.

Ross Easterby

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Im sure that there is a better way of doing this... (which I haven't found yet), 

But this is how I do it:

Create a playlist named "playlistname (Artist)" and order it by Artist, then right-click the column and choose "renumber..."

Then I create 3 more lists ( "playlistname (BPM)", "playlistname (Key)", "playlistname (Track)" ), copy all songs from the Artist-list to these 3 lists and order & renumber them by their respective column.

After that i export all 4 lists to my usb-stick

I also have BPM, Key and energylevel in each song comment, so I can easily search for it

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