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[OPEN] Pioneer XDJ-R1 no sign of audio despite files playing - pls help

Hi there - purchased a brand new XDJ-R1 yesterday. I've previously owned Pioneer CDJ's and would like to think fairly well versed in setting up the right output etc.

Despite both Rekordbox formatted files from USB and CDs, I see that they're playing and I can select, scroll perfectly fine. The thing is there is no sign of any of the lights that are indicative of audio being present in the centre of the mixer - nothing. It's set to Deck1 and Deck2, trims are up and the master doesn't bring any joy - nor does the booth level.

I get nothing through headphones either. It's as if audio doesn't exist and isn't running through the system.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips? If not I'm concerned it's a dead unit and I'll need to return it, which isn't ideal by any means.


Thanks in advance.


Harry Hughes

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