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Pioneer XDJ-R1 repair

I'm having problems with the unit, it was purchased last October and their are a few problems with the unit that weren't there before.

High pitch sound when Djing with USB after 2 years

When increase the tempo of right pitch control, when its 50% maximum, anymore it increases itself without me touching it!

Left channel fader dips in and out of sound if touched or moved slightly

Left beat controller doesn't work.

Is there any current solutions to these problems?

If needed, I can record a video and upload it.

Phil Young

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Hi Phil,

I have been using the XDJ-R1 for a long time , and have experienced some of these problems myself,

try going through this list,

Download the latest Firmware to 1.09 (Tutorial's on Pioneer Dj site or Youtube), and restart the unit,

Change the Mixer setting from PC mode to XDJ -R1 mode,

Make sure that your Rekordbox Library on your PC is set in Preferences to XDJ-R1 and not XDJ Aero,

Re-scan all your songs using Normal mode and not Dynamic, (setting's are in Preferences),

And most importantly, try another good quality flash drive e.g Sandisk with  minimum storage of 16gb

Hope this works,




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