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E-8306 When loading files from Win8 tab/micro SD card


I am trying to play from my windows 8 tablet wirelessly on my XDJ aero. I have connected and everything works great when the file is stored on the internal memory of my tablet. Awesome. However, as the internal memory is small...I would like to put my music on a micro SD card which can then be inserted in my tablet. If I try to load music that is located on this card, I get an E-8306 error and the track will not play. If I move that same track to the internal memory, it will play.

I currently have AVG antivirus installed but have an exception for the folder on the SD care where my music is. I also tried disabling AVG, it still won't work. I have tried moving the tracks, re-analyzing, nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Perry Hofbauer

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