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XDJ/DDJ USB - would USB to Ethernet adaptor work to NAS?


I am wondering if it's possible to use a USB to ethernet adaptor to access music on a drive on a NAS on my home network from an XDJ? I know the XDJ can read off USB, I am wondering if there is a config that would let it access my music collection stored on a NAS? The speed/latency should be fine (it's a 1GB backbone) but I suspect drivers are usually required with USB->Network adaptors. I know it has built-in wifi but that suggests useage of control of the XDJ rather than track selection/loading...  plus pretty slow even with 802.11g. 



James Dowell

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Anybody? I am assuming you'd need drivers - is it custom firmware or do you build off say a base linux that already may have drivers? I realize this is less of a club / event issue than installed at home/bars/etc but as most technologies are going IP based/IP interfaced, it would make a lot of sense. 

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