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XDJ-R1 - how can I put analysed track in RB on USB stick

Hi guys, I just switched to this console from my old things DN-S 1200 with Ecler mix, and I have to say, wel done :)

My mine problem is this one. I was used to, that when I put usb stick to old player, its automaticly create databese and that was it.

When I put usb to R1, it tell me, that I should analyze music first via RB, so I did, I analyzed my colection, copy again to usb stick and nothing happens ( I hoped that RB change music files meta tags or something, I was too optimistic :) ). Than after hours and hours of googling and asking other djs, they gave me an advice to use in RB devices, create a playlist and export all that to usb via RB, I did and it still tell me that files are not analysed by RB, and its copied only 8GB from my 22GB of music.


Please write me, what Im doing wrong. Dont worry to write it like for 5 years old kid :), I just want that this f***ing feature finaly starts work.

Thx for HELP


James Wing

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