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iPad Stand for XDJ-R1

Hey, can anybody help?

Got myself a new XDJ-R1, which is great.  I'm using it with an iPad, which I'd very much like to rest on the stand at the back of the device.  Unfortunately, I can only manage to precariously balance it in landscape view on the iPhone stand provided.  When I move to portrait, it falls off the back.

In the instruction manual it does state that the stand is for a phone only and not a tablet, but on most of the official promotion videos it shows an iPad snuggly balanced behind the unit.  I feel this is a little bit naughty of Pioneer to mislead people like this.

I've searched for a tablet version of the stand attachment, but can't find anything.  Has anyone else managed to find one, or something that does the job.  It's fine for home use, but when I use this device out, I'd want something a little sturdier.  It would be a shame to spoil the sleek appearance of the set up with a load of gaffer tape.

David Bailey

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