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XDJ R1 Problems and shortcomings PIONEER I WILL REFUND MY PRODUCT IF

excuse me for my grammar as im dutch

Pioneer i have a few problems with the pioneer xdj r1 , in addition this product has the potential to be one of the perfect pioneer systems , But this system now gives me the idea that u made this product  just to make your brand more   accesible  for  people who can't afford  the expensive systems ,without caring about the  flaws and the LONGTIME KNOWN problems STILL NOT SOLVED because we already bought it when we find out (THIS IS HOW it looks like from this side)

i list down some problems , and after that some features that REALLY REALLY should have been   already on this system


(i am at 1.0.9)

im talking here about all usb problems

*1 : weird cue track problem

often when you have 2 tracks  playing and you then load another track , when you press cue "to cue the new track" the track dissapears and immidiatly the old track that you replaced by the new track comes up and automaticly plays

*2 : vinylmode on/off stuttering

lets say when have a track playing  and you have vinyl mode on and you press pause ,the track pauses and there is nothing going on, BUT : when you play a track and you turn vinyl mode of and you then press play/pause you will hear a 1/4 stutter loop

*3 some  occasional rare issues 2/3 times a set  that other members also describe :such as

suddenly stopping of a track

effects that activate themselves without me doing anything

o i almost forgot : i dont know what u did with the loop function in version 1.0.9 but it was far more stable in previous versions i think when u change the loop lenght it cuts of at the moment u  change the the length of the loop which will make it jump to the start of the loop what results 2 tracks not beatmatched anymore unless u perfectly time when to change

im not sure about this thing because it happened a lot an than it doesnt happen and than it happens again you guys figure out what thats all about try it by using a vocal loop then u can see the problem best

Here is a list of Highly needed Features/changes  which really where expected / ifnot neccesary

**1* Dry echo fx can u guys please make the echo optional for being dry with out reverb

Second of all

can u guys please make  it  so that i can have my usb with more colloms and sorting options i now dont have shit only playlist  and album and artist , i cant change it to "date added" , Key ,or anything that u can do on a 900 /850 and such andsuch

its all really  anoying and we expect from a company as big as you are that u will help us with this and tell us what u are planning to do and answer this letter, that u will fix al this problems jezus christ how long is this equipment already out in the shops with so many flaws

if ur not going to help all of us out give us some kind of feedback atleast  for what ur going to do than

im going to refund my xdj, and believe me than this isnt the last letter u whill see on the internet about the problems this equipment now has and that people NOT SHOULD BUY it

(im on countless forums, dutch forums aswelll as english)

2 ways: 1 good 1 bad u decide pioneer



Remon Heuvel

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I do also have that issue with the loop... (on 1.08 didn't happen) and on 1.09 when the music is cued and you hit the cue button fast multiple times (to make several rising kicks), on 1.08 it works flawlessly, on 1.09 it skips some hits, (if you do it on a hot cue button works as expected)  

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