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[CLOSED] XDJ RX - Feature Suggestions


I have been using the XDJ RX for a week now and it's a great piece of kit, however I would like to suggest some features which I think should be configurable in the Utilities Menu (or perhaps in Rekordbox itself)

1 - Bar Count

At the moment this only works if you have a cue point set and it will count down to the next cue. I think there should be an option just to have it counting up bars regardless of wether you have a queue point set e.g. Serato DJ waveforms have beat numbers 4, 8, 12, 16 and onwards until the end of the track.

2 - Jog Wheel Library Browse

The little wheel you turn to scroll the tracks is ok but it would be nice to have a feature where the inactive deck could be configured so that when you press the "BROWSE" button you can spin the platter forwards / backwards to scroll up and down through your tracks. This would give a much quicker and smoother search through the library. A lot of MIDI controllers have this facility.

3 - Sync Shouldn't Stay On

This is probably the thing thats annoying me most. I use sync when playing House but when I change genres and load in a 100bpm Hip Hop track it automatically syncs it which is really annoying if you are wanting to cut the track in quickly. Currently to disable auto sync and reset the pitch to the normal track setting I have to a) turn sync off

b) move pitch fader to current pitch position (which could be as much as +50%)

c) change pitch range back to 10%

d) set pitch to chosen position

Serato DJ had exactly the same system when it launched but they quickly added an option to Disable Sync on new track load. This means if i'm playing another house track I just have to press SYNC again once, but if I change genres I don't have to press a load of buttons to turn it off again!

4 - Lock playing deck

This feature currently doesn't work. If i am playing a track on deck 1 and browsing for something to play on deck 2 I can accidentally load it to deck 1 if I press the wrong button. This should be locked to prevent accidentally loading to the wrong deck.

5 - Tag List

A great feature... but why when I press the Tag Track / Remove button whilst IN the tag list can I not remove the tracks. For example I might tag 5 tracks from lots of different playlists that I want to play next. Once I have played them they turn green but are still on the Tag List. To remove them I have to find the tracks in the individual playlists to remove them. It would be much quicker to have the ability to remove them from the Tag List either by pressing the Tag Track / Remove button or automatically after they have been played.

6 - Waveforms not in Sync unless using SYNC!

This is a very weird one, if I mix tracks by pressing SYNC the waveforms line up perfectly. If I mix tracks manually they only line up in the centre of the screen - this is a really strange function and one I have never seen any DJ software use before. Serato DJ and Virtual DJ both adjust the waveform for the change in pitch as does the XDJ RX, but only when using SYNC. This is very confusing when mixing manually as it constantly looks like the track is out of time!

Ian Laverick

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Very good points there!

I don't use sync mode usually, so i'm not affected by point 3, but i still agree on your statement.

Point 6: Finally someone else shares my opinion on the waveforms not being synced (i did a thread about this in this forum a few days ago). I wondered if i'm the only one finding that strange....And it should not be to difficult to implement that in a FW-update. The algorithm for adjusting the waveforms obviously is already in the system (when using sync-mode), so it just has to be applied to the non-sync mode.

And if not, i really would like to have an explanation why the design is made up like it is (I mean one important point of this unit is, that it has a single display showing both waveforms).


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Yeah it's really off putting, the mixes sound fine in the headphones but then you look at the screen and I automatically want to bend the pitch!

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An additional point yet:

Please add an option for the behavior of the CUE buttons in the Utility menu:

1. Press cue will immediately start the track as an on / off switch (Pioneer Classic)

2. Press cue will trigger the track as long as you hold the button (like Traktor or Serato Mode)

I think this is a point that many people coming from Traktor or Serato are welcome.

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+1 on point 2. I would like to use the jog wheel for browse too!

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One of the things I like about this unit is how we have the prospect of possibly adding some features with firmware, unlike the R1 which is still as it was at launch.

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@All > While your feedback is appreciated, there is no guarantee that any suggestions can/will be incorporated. And for the record, the R1 has had updates.

@Ian > Thanks for your comments, here are some notes for you:

1) I agree it should either count up or down depending on the time mode.

2) The jog wheel should not (and I hope will never) be used for browse. That isn't the methodology of the user interface and allowing that function could possibly lead to a disaster when you grab the active player thinking you're going to browse, only to "scratch" the audio.

3) If you want sync off, disable it before you load a track! ;)  I'll put this forward as an option.

4) Lock active deck is something the engineers will try to implement in future updates.

5) You can remove a track from the tag list by pressing and holding the TAG/REMOVE button when in the tag list on a track you want to remove.

6) As mentioned in another thread, this is by design and other software works the same way (eg. Serato, depending on the hardware you have connected), although I've asked if that is something that can be changed.

@Holger > The CUE/PLAY functions work exactly as they have on all Pioneer players. There would be no changes here.


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