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[SOLVED] Losing sound from Deck B when using an exteranl USB soundcard to record mixes...

Setup:  2 x CDJ 2000 - 1 x Behringer DDM 4000 Mixer - Traktor Pro 2 on sony vaio laptop with 4 usb ports - Behringer UCA 222 USB external sound card

The issue:   I need to record some demo mixes to send out to clubs, never been able to get traktor 2 to record whilst playing.

As my laptop, Sony Vaio has no dedicated line in socket, only a mic in socket, I bought the UCA 222 and use Audacity to record with,   when using the CDJs mixing only with cds/sd card/mem stick etc and using the monitor output on the mixer (rca) through the UCA222 to the laptop, i have no problems.

When using Traktor and the CDJs to control Traktor, one USB cable per deck to seperate ports on the laptop, the UCA 222 connected to a 3rd usb port, only Deck A produces sound, Deck B loads and the CDJ shows the track name, plays the track etc but no audio out, looking in control panel, the usb ports are not shared, Traktor shows output routing to be correct and using the pioneer cdj asio, on audacity, have the recording line in to the UCA 222 using the behringer asio and again it will record from Deck A with no problem, just silence from Deck B.

So there is some conflict which I assume is hardware, as when the UCA 222 is removed, Deck B outputs audio again so I am wondering if anyone else is using the UCA 222 and knows how to set up all 3 devices so it all works?



Wicked Neo

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This sounds like a horrible configuration.

If I were you, I'd use the two CDJs as audio interfaces to SEND audio from Traktor, to the mixer, then use the UCA222 as an INPUT device to record back into Traktor. You'll need to use an ASIO aggregator such as ASIO4ALL (get v2.10) in order for Traktor to recognize all 3 audio interfaces as one device.

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